What lies beneath the surface?

For as long as you can remember one thing was always the same. Each year your mother took you to a house on the coast—a house of her brother, your uncle Jules. The journey always began on a train. Excited to see something more than just streets of Paris, your child's eyes were gazing at every piece of landscape passing by, memorizing everything on the way to your uncle. It was, however, his stories that fascinated you the most. As a sailor, he has seen and experienced incredible situations. From the remotest, uncharted areas, he would always bring you and your mother a gift. The thing sometimes looked like as coming from a different world. Every single time you asked him when he would take you with him on one of his voyages. If it was not for your mother, who was never fond of the sea, he would have probably done it already...
 An unfortunate event has changed your life completely. It has been a while since you realized that your mother's health is not well. Eventually, it became clear that your uncle's bizarre gifts to your mum were all kinds of medicines to help her fight with an unknown disease. You have understood that his travelling was not just a quest for adventure. He tried all he could to find a cure for his beloved sister. Ironically, being on yet another expedition in search for a remedy, he could not even attend her funeral.
 Now you have just received a short telegram from your uncle. In it, he encourages you to leave everything behind and come to him on the first train possible. He also writes that he has a secret to reveal to you. It is June 1821...

The video above does not present the real gameplay.
However, it sheds a bit of light onto the game's surroundings and atmosphere.

ver. 0.91.7o [02-08-2022]

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